9 Funny Facebook Statuses

_______I love it when people say, "Not to mention the fact that..." and then they do :/ (funny fact status)
_______it's ok for a normal guy to tell a woman "your hair smells nice".. but if a midget does it it's sexual harassment (funny midget status)
_______Sometimes people f**king love me and other times I speak  (funny love status)
_______In my defense she was wearing a T-shirt written 'just do it' on it  (funny T-shirt status)
_______You know you're addicted to Facebook when you prefer to think of your daily Facebook time in minutes, even though it equals 5 hours or more.  (Facebook addiction status)
_______My IQ drops an average of 27 points when there is nice cleavage within eye range.  (funny IQ status)
_______I'm a pretty well travelled guy..... that just means, I've farted in some beautiful places... (funny travel status)
_______I love you just the way you are.....really really far away....don't ever change that.  (funny love status)
_______Sometimes I like your status just so you will think I give a f**k (funny Facebook status)
funny t-shirt quote status
_______I went to visit my friend today. Apparently he has taught his dog all about hump day, my leg does not appreciate it. (funny hump day status)

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