6 Funny Facebook Statuses

_______I'm standing at a crossroad................. but there's a car coming so I have to move (funny life status)
_______I f**king hate those people who are full of useless information.. Like women who tell me they have a boyfriend.. (funny hatred status)
_______I used to be a professional fighter, in fact I was the second-best boxer in my country.  I had over 100 fights and came 2nd in every one.  (funny Facebook status)
_______after a long wait the people of east London finally got the news they wanted this week. the new iPhone will be available to rob later this month  (funny status about iPhone)
_______I always wear my best suit on my birthday... but these people at church this morning act like they've never seen a grown naked man before! (funny birthday status)
_______I can't believe that someone just accused me of being a grammer nazi! It's 'grammar', for f**k's sake.  (funny grammar status)

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