28 Funny, Witty, Clever and Hilarious Facebook Statuses

_______I broke up with my girlfriend when she told me, "I'm so sorry I slept with you're brother" Can you believe she used "you're" instead of "your"!
_______When life hands you lem... *slips on a banana peel*
_______Sometimes you dream about people, not because they are in your heart but because they are on your hitlist
_______I'm glad that after 20 years of marriage I can still make my wife smile and be happy, mostly when I leave for work
_______My neighbor bought a cat collar with a bell on it, and now she can't sneak up on the cat to put it on him.
_______Hmmm it's a nice rainy day....I should wear white, do my hair, wash the car and water the yard today.
_______I like to walk by a chick in slow motion so she thinks i'm the one
_______Remember that really funny status you posted yesterday ? Yeah, me either...
_______Looking back.. I think I preferred you when I didn't know you...
funny smartphone quote status
_______You get a great sense of achievement when you accomplish things....so I heard anyway.
_______Everyone is always talking about "getting high on Life" but this cereal sucks and it hurts my nose..
_______My hubby thinks I spend too much time on Facebook. Don't worry, you guys. My next husband won't mind.
_______I need your advice. I'm not insecure, am I?
_______You know you're watching Star Wars with Catholics when every time you hear "May the Force be with you," you hear, "And also with you."
_______My girlfriend is soooo awesome. Attractive, funny, good-natured, kind ... I know my wife and her would get along fabulously if they met.
_______I'm at my sexiest, when I'm standing next to someone really unattractive....
_______By the time I'm done, if a picture of my liver doesn't end up in a medical college textbook in the Cirrhosis chapter, then my time here will have been wasted.
_______How many light bulbs does it take to change people? Especially the ones that need to see the light.
_______THIS protein bar doesn't taste like protein. I know what protein tastes like.
_______You know you're getting older when you start singing along to the songs in a grocery store.
_______Bananas turn black and blue because the secretly practice boxing while we're sleeping at night..
_______After a lot of visits from the Stork your favorite bird becomes the Swallow.
_______My secret to success? Embracing my failures, loving them and calling them success. Pretty easy!
_______The phones we have nowadays are pieces of shit. Try to use them for just a little while and the batteries die. If you drop them the screens crack. F**k this, I'm going back to using a brick as a phone.
_______I'm only poking you back out of politeness....
_______All my statuses are original, I'm just not the one who came with them.
_______I knew from the first time I saw her that she was my soulmate, but my wife seemed to think otherwise.
________It's safe to like someone's status without reading it if it got at least 5 likes. It's just like laughing in real life for no reason just because everyone's laughing.
________Shifting your focus can change your perspective and open you to new ideas. So can drugs

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