19 Funny,Witty,Clever and Hilarious Facebook Statuses

_______i remember before i started drinking i would finish my sentences but now I (funny drinking status)
_______I can only imagine being full of beer, in line for the bathroom, at The Superbowl, in New Orleans, when the lights went out. (hilarious superbowl status)

_______Just checked my FarmVille for the first time in like a year, it's now a strip mall...(funny status about FarmVille)

_______ The worst thing about being single is having to make your own sandwiches. (funny being single status)

Ironic that Beyonce is doing the Pepsi halftime show after being caught miming. 
Pepsi and Beyonce. Not quite the real thing.  (funny status about Beyonce)
______ Video killed the radio star, but reality TV killed the video star and today's pop music killed the talented musician. (famous funny status)

______My wife complained that I never lifted a finger to help around the house. So I lifted a finger. Apparently, it was the wrong one. (funny wife status)

______Keep your friends close, your family the closest, your enemies within range and your Facebook friends obsolete. (funny friends status)

______Right away, I knew it was a Secret Service dog, because it always barked into its wrist.
funny cell text status quote  
                                                                                                                                                   ______So tell me again... How you just ain't got no time for that...
______I'm confused... At a 4-way stop, the first person to finish their text has the right of way, right? (funny status about texting)

______I'm 42 years old and can drink a beer in my new couch cushion fort if I want to mom!

______Quit acting like you didn’t know your mom is a wh*re. Did you really believe that you had that many "uncles"? (you mama jokes)

______Ladies... Handmade gifts are sweet, but using your mouth is better... (funny Valentine status)

______My girlfriend told me I was a pedophile and I thought, wow, that's an awfully big word for a nine year-old. (girlfriend status)

______‎"Other than that, how was the cruise?" Too soon? Ok...I'll just let myself out...

______I just saved $50 on this delightful multi colored assortment of roses for my girlfriend. By not buying them. (funny gf status)

______I'll let a stranger hold my kid before I let them hold my phone, because priorities. (funny phone status)

______Personally I don't give a shit if there are local girls in my area....because I'm busy working from home. (funny net surfing status)

______So there I was making funny faces in the bathroom mirror and I suddenly realized my ol' lady was right....... I ain't never gonna grow up.

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