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_____I know some lucky woman is out there..... trying to forget my name. :P (Funny Quote)
_____Always trust in your instinct, because there isn't anything worse than hearing your own voice inside saying "I told you so". (inspirational quote & funny quote)
_____Of coarse i heard you, you just said a bunch of words right? (funny quote and saying, hilarious quote, top funny quote)
_____I never think faster than when my wife starts a conversation with 'You haven't listened to a word I've said, have you?' (funny quote & funny status)
_____Welcome to the circus I call.. my life! Giggity! :)  (funny quote, best quote, top quote, quote of the day)
_____I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll smoke your joint down..... before I pass it back!~ Big bad stoner wolf...... probably (funny quote, funny status, happiness quote)
_____I wish someone would write a movie about my life. I think "Pretty life In F***ing world" would be a good title. (funny quote, funny status, top funny quote)
_____Either I've just come down with a sudden attack of narcolepsy, or you're just f***ing boring. (funny quote, hilarious quote, best quote)
_____They say if you tell a lie three times it becomes true. If you tell a lie 100 times, do you become Fox News? (funny quote, quote about news, daily quote)
_____It's alright guys. You don't have to like anything. I already love myself. (love quote, funny quote, top quote, best quote hilarious quote)

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