19 Funny Quotes

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____A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A dirty mind is terrible thing to hide :D (funny mind quote, hilarious quote, funny status)
_____I guess the biggest reason why every other driver out there pisses me off so much is that I am the best driver in the world. (funny driver quote, funny quote, funny status)
_____I wish I could Google anything. I'd search "WHERE THE HELL IS MY I POD?" and it would be like "UNDER THE COUCH YOU DUMB A$$" (hilarious quote, funny Google quote, funny iPod quote)
_____‎"My pen ran out".........."Well go on, you better chase after it.. (best funny quote, top funny quote, joke)
_____I know my profile pic/avatar makes me look like a douchebag a**hole. That's intentional. (hilarious funny quote, funny avatar quote)
_____Its amazing how traffic splits when you're firing your weapon out the window. (top funny quote, best funny quote, funny status)
_____Dear girls who are in a 'complicated relationship. Cut that shit out and be with me (funny relationship quote, funny status, joke)
_____I just read somewhere that smoking pot causes amnesia and some other things I can’t seem to remember. (funny amnesia quote, funny status, joke)
_____If you really want to impress them at your job interview. Give them the sense of importance when they are talking to you and finish all of your sentences with "or some shit like that". (funny shit quote, status , joke)
_____Life shouldn't be about seeking other peoples acceptance and approval! Don't you agree?...DON"T YOU? (funny life quote, top funny quote, funny status)
_____Ever have a day when you wake up and just wanna punch something?..........My brother hates those days... (funny daily quote, funny status, short joke)
_____someone called me old fashioned from a rotary phone.......... eh talking about me duh ..... (funny rotary quote, best funny quote, funny fashion quote)
_____I never question authority because it's quite clear that they don't have a freaking clue. (funny authority quote, top funny quote, best funny quote)
_____If you've ever blamed your attitude on your zodiac sign.. then it's written in the stars for you to step in front of a moving  train. (funny attitude quote, funny zodiac quote, funny star quote)
_____My toilet is half full............................... optimistic plumber (top most funny quote, funny toilet quote, best funny quote)
_____I experimented with drugs so much that my hypothesis of why.. eventually had an outcome of why not. (funny drugs quote, funny status, joke)
_____People who believe that children are our future should also know that some of them are already pregnant and will soon have children of their future. (funny children quote, funny future quote, joke)
_____I love sitting on my couch and playing scrabble....and by "scrabble" I mean "with myself."  (funny scrabble quote, top funny status)
_____Everyone doesn't copy paste status' you know..... some just reads carefully, then types it in. (funny status, best funny status, funny quote)