6+ Funny Quotes

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_____‎"Misery loves company" and THAT is why now that I am single....I no longer feel the need to hang out with other people.
_____My friends are always telling me I'm terrible at insulting people. Just you wait, I'll show those feather-dusters.
_____The funny thing about finding funny quotes on internet is  that most often quotes arn't funny.
_____No I'm not yawning. I'm just trying to catch a non-existent burger with no hands. So I'm totally interested in what you're saying.
_____Some people think I'm arrogant and conceited but I don't take it personally. I'm sure my dazzling natural brilliance just makes them feel insecure.
_____I can tell you nice things but they'll all be about me.
_____I don't need a reason to do stupid things, I just need a venue.

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