Funny Relationship Facebook Status Updates

______When your single, all you see are happy couples. When you’re in a relationship you wonder what the hell all those couples were so happy about.

______I hate it when restraining orders get in the way of meaningful relationships. Well played future wife. You win this round.

______I just ended a 5 year relationship. Luckily it wasn't mine.

______X, sometimes I think you're not taking our pretend relationship seriously.

______Relationship Status: I asked my wife what women really want and she said attentive lovers. Or maybe it was "a tent of lovers." I wasn't really sure, but was too worried to ask.

______After 2 years, I gave him the whole "where is this relationship going" speech, he just stared at me blankly, then said, "look lady, I just make your coffee"

______Relationships are hard because men are like "You're hot. Can we do butt stuff yet?" and women are like "Its been 3 days and you haven't married me yet"

______Relationship Status: we made our marriage counselor cry.

______Seeking woman with macro-mania for intimate relationship.

______I always give women flowers after we've gone out for a week or two.... Only because they usually need cheering up at that point in our relationship.

______I thought I had met "the one" last night. She met my family, made us dinner, called me honey. Then when I wanted to take our relationship to the next level she was suddenly a “waitress” who was “doing her job?” I mean seriously, what the hell?!

______Me and my boyfriend split up because we were in different places in our relationship. I was at his brothers.

______Most people want a perfect relationship.. I just want a Subway sammich that looks like the ones in commercials.

funny relationship status______I've been single for so long, Facebook took the "in a relationship" option away from me.

______For all you ladies who like to take it slow in a relationship, I'm your man. One time I took it so slow the girl didn't even know we were going out.

______I always maintain a great relationship with my lesbian friends.... you never know when you are going to need work done on your car engine.

______I'm open to a meaningful relationship......but I hear there's a new XBox coming out this year, so I dunno.

______I was on a committee proposing new ideas to prevent physical abuse in relationships. Apparently sandwich making lessons was not an option.

______what is common about my fat ex and our relationship is that they both didn't work out

______Have a baby. It will totally fix your relationship.

______You may call it a one night stand, but I'm changing my status to 'in a relationship' and friending your mom.

______Fell over and broke my wrist. I suppose I'd better change my relationship status to 'it's complicated'.

______True sign of you're in a long term relationship and your going to make it.... When she says "I LOVE YOU TOO A**HOLE."

______Whether a relationship succeeds ultimately comes down to deciding between which two words you choose to say most.. "I'm Sorry" or F**k You"

______From now on when I see a relationship status change to married, I will offer my condolences.

______If you can't make one single innocent question into the form of an accusation, then you have no right to be in a relationship.

______X went from 'being in a relationship' to 'stopped believing in imaginary girlfriends'

______There should be a new relationship status for girls on Facebook...... Batteries Dead

______My personal trainer told me to bend down and touch my toes and stretch out. I said, "I don't have that kind of relationship with my feet. Can I just wave?"

______Facebook should make it to where it says, 'Went from being in a relationship' to 'Problem solved.'

______My relationship is very psychological. She's psycho and I'm logical.

______I think it's safe to say, that if you're spending more time with your parole officer than your partner... than changing your Facebook relationship status to "It's Complicated" would be accurate.

______I would like to end my relationship with some guys named "bill". Electric bill, gas bill, phone bill, cable bill. Well, you get the picture.

______So my doctor told me my biggest problem was that I have unresolved anger issues towards women and until I come to terms with it I'll never have a meaningful relationship. I think i'm going to find another chiropractor.

______I can't take this long distance relationship anymore. Fridge, . . . .you are coming to my room.

______Ladies, if early in a relationship and the guy tells you "I'll never lie to you", then.......that's his first lie!!

______I wish relationships were more like cell phone plans :"Free nights and weekends"

______People who are perpetually positive, have obviously never been in a real relationship.

______The most important and meaningful relationship you can have is the one with yourself. So if you excuse me I'm going to have "relations" with myself.

______Instead of wasting money on dating sites, I'm choosing girls I'd like to be in a relationship with on Facebook until one of them confirms it.

______Went golfing yesterday and spent most of the time not being able to find my balls. Its just like being in a relationship.

______One night does not a relationship get out and stop talking about a connection. We connected last night, and the connection broke after the second coming.

______I haven't been in a relationship for so long.. Facebook just asked if I am okay.

______I hope the next Facebook upgrade lets you change your relationship status to Engaged without requiring confirmation from the other person.

______Save your relationship, keep your cell phone password protected at all times.

______Facebook should have a limit to how many times you can change your relationship status. After 3 it should default to unstable.

______Once I was dating this chick who was much, much younger than me. One night in a fit of passion she called me "daddy". I was so disgusted by this that I immediately broke the relationship off...... three months later.

______Facebook needs to add new relationship statuses like 'just sleeping around' and 'afraid of commitment'.

______In the beginning of a relationship the men go into it thinking this might be fun...and the women go into it thinking this might be the one.

______If you are a 13 year old boy your relationship status should not be “It’s Complicated.” The only thing complicated about your life is trying to hide your random boners.

______Relationship = The battle of "What I feel" Vs "What I deal"

______I am in a long distance relationship. We are made for each other. She just doesn't know about me.

35 Hilariously Funny Status Updates

_______A good relationship is less about having stuff in common and more about you letting me have some of your fries.

_______I hate it when I wake up from taking a nap, come downstairs, then say,"That smells delicious! What's for dinner?!" and they say, "What the hell are you doing in my house."

_______Funny how women can put on makeup, drive and not get in a wreck, but men will look at women putting on makeup and get in a wreck.

_______Every time I wear a suit I hear the same five words. "Will the defendant please rise".

_______Postnatal depression is a serious condition. My mom still bursts into tears every time she sees me.

_______I don't know where the saying "working like a dog" got started but I'm looking at my dogs daily routine feeling pretty jealous myself.

_______I'm not too concerned about this coup in Thailand, most Thai things finish with a happy ending.

_______I often find myself rewording a post so many times that it completely loses the original subject. This one started off about a cat.

_______I have found that the best work from home occupation is a bartender.

_______Hey, does anyone know which side you're supposed to wear your fanny pack on? I want to really nail this job interview tomorrow.

_______My performance with my girlfriend last night was amazing. It lasted like 45 minutes! Then I finally gave in and admitted she was right.

_______That time I did give a f**k but you thought I didn't was only because it was buffering.

_______Never underestimate a woman’s ability to make everything all your fault.

_______The GM vs. Ford debate continues as they now compete to see who can recall the most vehicles.

_______When you see something being advertised as "under $20!" get ready to pay $19.99.

_______ Such a relief when things I've been meaning to do become things I meant to do but now it's too late.

_______Kids today have it so easy... None of them understand the anger and disappointment of when the net on The Mouse Trap game didn't fall down.

_______The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. --people who have no understanding of tension, thickness, or cutlery.

_______If it ain't broke give it to my co-worker and it will be....beyond repair.

_______I 'm not a professional ventriloquist... but I  can throw a silent fart in public and hold my breath for like 7 minutes.

_______When you see only one set of footprints, know that I  unfollowed you. -Jesus Christ on Twitter..

_______Republicans, democrats and liberals are all tolerant as long as you completely agree with them.

_______Just got a lottery ticket. I t said match to win, so I  lit one and burned the place down.

_______Sometimes you come across a status which is so heartfelt, meaningful and touching that you just have to share it with everyone else. This isn't one of them, so you might as well just keep scrolling.

_______Legs is the key word of the day! Spread the word!

_______Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open a FB account and remove all doubt.

_______ Am I...are we... is this a date? *elevator opens & she leaves*

_______This Customs officer just asked me if I had anything to declare, 'I have nothing to declare but my genius.' Instead of telling me where I can stick it I think he is going to put it there for me.

_______I'm sorry, but I don't care how serious your argument is. If somebody accidentally rhymes, you need to point that sh*t out.

_______Dear Crush, I wanna be the reason a stranger at the gas station whispers to you, "Ma'am there's someone hiding in your backseat"

_______They say 'the truth hurts'. They say 'truth shall set you free'. The truth is starting to sound a lot like my ex-girlfriend, who kicked me in the nuts then dumped me.

_______I just ended a 5 year relationship. Luckily it wasn't mine.

_______A lot of times I wonder if people think my girlfriend is only with me for my money... but I am always reassured by the fact that I don't have any money...or a girlfriend.

_______ After watching 3 coworkers try and fail to change the toner in the copier, the boss made an executive just put an "out of order" sign on it. Guess that's why he makes the big bucks.

_______You can turn anything into a compliment if you're delusional enough.

_______I don't get into the whole "Mondays suck" thing. I hate all work days equally.

_______FINANCIAL FACT: If you don't actually open your bills, you don't have to pay them.

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34 Hilarious and Funny Status Updates

_______Me: do these jeans make my butt look big? 
Him: I can't really see that well, you're blocking out the sun.

______Just read a book about the digestive system. 
The ending was shit.

______A penny for your thoughts. 
Five bucks if they're inappropriate.

______Everyone still raving about Frozen!!!... 
Let It Go...

______Looking back at my life I feel so sad I've failed so many people.
Lecturer maybe.

______"I put the C U in cute" 
~ stalkers maybe

______Some people say I am an animal in the sack"
- baby kangaroo
hilarious status updates

______Sorry to yawn in your face but to be fair you were boring the life out of me...

______Love riding 2 wheels to work. Its hard to keep the car on its side though...

______'8 Years a Slave' is what I'm titling my tell-all book about my amazing marriage.

______Remember to always thoroughly wash your hands in a public restroom... right before you touch the filthy, virus-laden door handle on the way out.

______If you rub me the wrong way, I'll just take over and do it myself...

______Hey ladies, if for some reason you're feeling down, call me and I'll try to feel you up.  Yeah, that sounded a lot more suave when I said it to myself.

______Liven up a slugs boring day by pouring a ring of salt around it and giving it enough Lego pieces to build a bridge

______If you have nothing intelligent to say... just write it on Facebook.

______Thanks for the good reggae music,Bob Marley....but no thanks for white guys walking around with dreads...

______"Yes, sweetheart, I agree we should talk about this later... like maybe after you forget about it?" —Men

______Sometimes I think I'm doing pretty well for my age... But then I remember that I'm not 15.

______I'm going to hang a Superman costume in my closet just to mess with my mind if I ever get Alzheimer's.

______Friend: "Did you know that a butterfly only lives for 2 days?" 
Me: "I think that's a myth..."
Friend: "No, it's definitely a butterfly."
She's blonde.

______People who post better than me: Please. This is all I have.

______If you're going to reach out to me, there better be a doughnut in your hand.

- Me, everywhere I go

______I've decided I need a break from facebook. ok I'm back.

______I'll never forget that amazing, erotic night that I spent with what's her name.-- Men

______Is it a pattern or a problem if you make at least three posts to Facebook a day from a toilet seat?? 
Asking for a friend.

______Jehovah's Witnesses are getting creative. They are now knocking on my door dressed as cops saying they have a warrant...Pfft I'm not falling for it.

______Let's all start using duck as a swear word just to duck with auto-correct.

______ My recent trip to Walmart has forced me to reexamine my long-held belief that yoga pants are always sexy.

______I am the Michael Jordan of overweight Americans who suck at basketball.

______Don't ask me to moan, make me...

______If it wasn't for sarcasm, my coworkers and I would never communicate

______Time flies when you're having fun, they say. So here I am, stopwatch in hand, sitting next to a fresh turd, and I 'm not having fun anymore. I don' t get it.

______If you don't have anything to do today, you can wonder about when will your life actually begin?

______Today is the day to show the one you love how special they are so go ahead, violate that restraining order. Love has no boundaries.

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